Surface Units and Active Ballast FOI Stability

The "Surface Units and Active Ballast FOI Stability " Course is being offered by Gulf Coast Training Technologies as a prerequisite for a United States Coast Guard Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor, or Ballast Control Operator license. This course will teach stability principles of both Surface Units and Active Ballast Floating Offshore Installation (FOI) Units to personnel serving aboard these type vessels.

Goal: Upon successful completion of Gulf Coast Training Technologies aforementioned course, the student will: understand initial stability theory, be able to calculate moments and centers of gravity, calculate draft, list and trim, and understand the concepts of free surface effect. Also, this course will utilize the "Deep Driller" to emphasize the use of operation manuals in the daily stability operations of a Surface Unit, and also utilize a "TLP" operations manual for operations on board a TLP Active Ballast System. Additionally, role-playing by students will offer insight to effective countermeasures to worst-case and damage scenarios for both types of units.