Jacking Operations

The "Jacking Operations" course is being offered by Gulf Coast Training Technologies utilizing our state of the art GCM Simulator with the programs matching a Bethlehem Jack-Up rig. The Simulator is on an electronically controlled tilt table that gives the student the "Real" feel of being in the Jacking Control Room. We utilize several different scenarios (Raising and Lowering legs, Pre-Loading, Punch Through, & Emergency Situations) for the training and demonstrating competence on the Simulator prior to completing the course.
Included in the class is an introduction to Stability which teaches students Stability Theories, the effects of weight on Stability and Trim, Mathematical Calculations, and load form usage. Students will also have a review of the information provided in the rig's operations manual (MOM) for safe operations of the MODU (This can be tailored for any rig or company if a Marine Operations Manual is provided) Also covered are "Worst Case Scenarios" concerning actual offshore disasters are used in conjunction with Damage Stability and Survival Mode preparations to illustrate proper procedures in emergency situations.
Accrediated by IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors)