IADC RigPass SafeLand/SafeGulf

Upon completion of this course, participants will be aware of important health, safety, and enviromental practives regarding personal protection & health, enviromental protection & fire safety, Pffshore and Onshore Operation Safety principles, and worksite safety while in a rig or platform safety enviroment.

The HSE Rig Pass Orientation course contains three curriculum modules: Core, Offshore Operations, and Onshore (land) locations. The Core Curriculum and at leat one endorsement module is required for every course, however both endorsements may be offered in the same course.

  • Core Curiculum: Appropriate for all employees whether the work offshore or onshore, in the petroleaum industry. It contains information that every employee should know.


  • Offshore Operations Module: Provides the unique content appropriate for any employee working in the offshore enviroment.


  • Onshore Operations Module: Contains content unique to the onshore work enviroment.


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