Basic SCR Controls

The "Basic SCR Controls" course is being offered by Gulf Coast Training Technologies and is designed to give the students a basic understanding of SCR, Generator controls to enhance their troubleshooting skills. The course is divided into four sections. The first covers basic SCR theory and SCR hardware. The second section we study Generator theory and hardware. In the third section is practical system operation and troubleshooting. In the fourth section we will study other associated system such as Top drive controls, PLC or any applicable systems. We can also cover troubleshooting techniques with or without computer or oscilloscopes.

The course is customizable to fit your system types and time restraints or schedules. We have the ability to provide training for ABB, Baylor, GCI, GE, IPS, ISC, Ross Hill SCR and Generator control systems. The usual duration for the course is five days and can accommodate 4 to 12 students.